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Original: December 23, 2011

So, I'm talking to my cousin, Mia, and she tells me about one of her friends, Apple, that came to their lunch with a hangover. When they asked Apple to tell them about her big fun night, she said "It's pathetic. I literally sat around my room drinking and painting...drinking and painting...all day. I came up with some great pieces and a hangover." My thoughts - I don't condone hangovers when one is by themselves or with others...but there is something awesome about totally locking yourself into a room and creating... I know that I talk a lot about living under a rock, moving into the woods, or disappearing into some foreign and remote place where I can totally avoid all adult responsibility, social obligation, and expectations. This idea of seclusion is nothing new for me. I still stand by the beauty of boredom. For those that stumbled onto this site and have no idea what "the beauty of boredom" means, pretty much I believe some of the most creative, interesting, and genius pieces of art (blogs, writings, novels, art pieces, cartoons, etc.) were created out of boredom. I think the lack of downtime and social interaction is sucking the brains, heart, and soul out of our generation. All this to say, I wonder what I could come up with if I literally sat in a room all day - no television, no social interaction, just me... do you ever think about that? What could you create? Write? Read?


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