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Saturday Croissants


There is nothing more relaxing than waking up, whenever. Going to work out or to the Dominican salon. Brunch with my Love and a full day in front of me....

Photo by: Alisa Anton

You don't have to be a chef to enjoy a homemade breakfast:

Grab some Pillsbury Croissants Open them up and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar inside (brown or regular) Roll the croissants up Follow baking instructions

Brew some coffee or tea

Pour water adding lemon or cucumber slices (glass)

Pour cream in a small container (white glass preferably)

Put sugar in a small container (glass)

Make flavored butter: mix cinnamon or brown sugar with butter

Put jelly in a small container or the side of your plates

Decorate platter with cream, butter, sugar, and jelly

On the table - water, coffee/tea, silverware, and plates

Bring rolls out in a basket *If you are still hungry, create and enjoy a refreshing post-breakfast blueberry, honey, soy smoothie Make it Special One Saturday, eat brunch inside while it rains - open the windows and play:

"Stardust" (Mel Torme), "Dream On Little Dreamer" (Perry Como) "Catch A Falling Star" (Perry Como) Or anything from Norah Jones, Sade, or Nat King Cole

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