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Mike and I slept in this morning - something that barely goes down in the Steel household. I promise Mike (like my mom) doesn't believe in the art of laying in bed. But today we did. It was so nice being nuzzled up in our big white comforter - bodies intermingled. I had a moment of "let me enjoy this," because in a month things will most likely be different. Then we started chuckling at the idea of our little pumpkin laying in between us on a Saturday morning - counting his little toes and smelling his powder fresh skin and that difference didn't sound so bad. This weekend (like last weekend) is dedicated to hibernation, home-cooked meals (chocolate chip pancakes), completing home projects, and sitting around doing nothingness. Well for me at least, Mike is already out on his morning jog :) I am perfecting the craft of sitting in one spot. Hope your weekend is amazing!



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