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Edited (only spelling): February 18, 2021

So, I have gotten numerous comments via Facebook messages, gGmailmail (, texts, etc. about the fact that I haven't written, and here is the thing: Life is way too BUSY!

Like busy in a kinda good way - so here's my thing. I love the direction my life is heading - planning more events (which is a passion) in my everyday life, for the church and at work (here recently we planned an event at BLVD. - so much fun, more details later). I have been traveling to see friends....and I feel like life is going really well!


I am a home rat - I enjoy quiet nights and days with a hot cup of tea, a sweet eat, my laptop, Mike, a book, or some Food Network! I enjoy quiet time alone and "me time." To be honest, I am beginning to miss that time...I mean the "fast" life is nice but I love sweet simplicity. You know, I enjoy sitting around - in cute comfy sweatsuits, after a nice hot long shower (with some sweet fragrance from Dove), lotioned down in a citrus, powder, or sea breeze concoction, with a cup of Roobios, (any) black, or some Vanilla Honey Chamomile tea with cream and honey, my hair pulled up relaxing - in a clean home. During those times - life is good!

So, tonight at 10:33 p.m. - I have come home (from a fabulous day) slipped on some sweats, put on some hot water, grabbed the computer, and told life and all the craziness to STOPPPPPPPP......


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