Where is Steve?

Yesterday all I wanted to do was climb into a time capsule and come out as a 12-year-old sitting with my family watching the Winslow family while eating pizza. So I decided to recreate my pre-teen years by enjoying some good old "at home" TGIF. To set the mood, we had homemade pita pizzas and hummus, Friday night cocktails, popcorn, games (Uno), Friday night t.v. Shows, phones off, and massive laughs.

To make delicious and healthy Pita Pizzas:

1. Preheat oven at 400 for 30 min.

2. Marinate chicken.

3. Coat pita with leftover olive oil from the marinade

4. Caramelize onions

5. Place pitas on a baking sheet that is sprayed with Pam

6. Place chicken, feta cheese, onions on the pita

7. Put in the oven for 13 min.

8. Delicious sides include: hummus and couscous

8. Enjoy!

Sometimes it's nice to kick off the boots, tight jeans, sweaters, "grown-up" facade and throw on some sweats, a smile, lock yourself in the house and have a good time. We are never too old to be young!

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