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"The Way I Am"

Date: February 1, 2008; 5:18 pm

As I listen to the song that expresses my feelings and devotion towards Mike, Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way I Am,” I turn to look at Mike who is working on his computer. He looks completely focused, in his sweat shorts, white tee, “nerdy” glasses and white socks. Right at the time my favorite part of the song comes on:

“I’ll buy you Rogaine, when you start losing all your hair.”

So I decide to completely interrupt Mike.

“Hey Mike”


“We’re going to be together forever right? I mean at least ‘til we are like 90 right?”

“Yeah, don’t forget. I am going to work at Blockbuster and you are going to be a Librarian.”

I smile. “Yeah, that’s right. You are going to look so HOT with that blue shirt on with the saucy neon yellow letters on it…”

“And my name tag,” he says excitedly. “But I know you. You are probably going to get mad at me though.”


“Because I will have to work on Saturdays and nights.”

‘Why would you have to work then?”

“It will be our busy days.”

“But you will be like 90, you’ll be too slow.”

“NO! SHELBY, I WON’T BE!!!” he says slightly irritated at my lack of confidence in his Blockbuster ability (I tell the man that he could be the president and CEO of any major company, but the fact that I think he may be slow at 90, upsets him.) “THEY'LL NEED ME!”

After laughing to myself I respond, “you’re right, Love, they’ll need you!”

“But you’ll be able to come up and have dinner with me on my breaks.”

“Okay.” So after a minute, he went back to working…so focused on the screen.

“Hey Mike.”


“If I were in a wheel chair, would you wheel me around?”


Man, I knew this love was…

“I would get a wheel chair, too, so we could wheel around together.”

“Yeah, and we will make the kids or the grandkids wheel us around….they'll be so annoyed, especially considering the fact, you won’t need a wheel chair, but we will still make them push you around!!!”


“But Mike…”

Just a look this time.

“What if I don’t have arms…” all of a sudden a wide grin spreads across his face. “Would you feed me?”

“Oh yeah,” he says smiling, “and I would feel you up all the time, whenever I had the urge… and you couldn’t stop me because you don’t have arms.”

And right then, I smiled, feeling assured that this is definitely going to last forever...


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