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The first time I stopped blogging.

private journal entries, nothing was changed

Joy THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2014 Joy definitely feels like this. I feel so joyous. I feel so amazing and I thank you, Father, for this state of happiness. I think that this is a time, where I am completely connected to You and to myself. I think that external situations – as far as a healthy, safe family are so important. Seriously, one of the most important things. That said, when everything is right there – I find that if I am connected to You and myself – life is amazing. I feel incredibly blessed. I think the key is natural simplistic living. For me that connects me – making sure that I am not plugged into negativity and not exerting my energy in places that I don’t want to have a focus. Life for me is best felt when I am having daily time to tune into You, cook, being plugged in with my husband/SON, home projects and being productive. Right now, not having a blog, not having social media, etc. is what my life needs. I need a purest lifestyle and want to make sure that Neiko has the same thing. I don’t want him to have a materialistic issues. I should start working, but I love you so much Lord and I thank you for blessing me. Wisdom from Above. James 3: 13 – do not have jealousy and selfish ambitions (which is why I feel so great, because I am eliminating those things from my life).




Not having the blog is best right now, because it allows me time to change without feeling like I need to broadcast it. I am evolving and changing and I find that having social media (blog, facebook, etc.) makes me want to broadcast it. To let the world know, see what they think, etc. I don’t want that – I want a completely grassroots lifestyle. I don’t want instant gratification. I want to enjoy each moment, because I am simply enjoying it – not because I want people to know that I am enjoying it or because I am supposed to be enjoying. I am becoming me. I am loving this – it reminds me of my time in high school (when I discovered whole foods) and my first/second year of college when I was going on major community service projects, karoke, and just really learning myself through this social work, coffee shop, natural lens. I pray that I can continue this journey and this time not give it up for anything or anyone… I want to push Neiko to be true to himself as well…  take away material.


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