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The Crazy Adventures of...

Published 1.22.2008 (second year of teaching)

So, today I felt completely off. I woke up late, threw blush on in the car, forgot my lip gloss, ate White Castle last night ( so I was bloated), wasn't prepared for my classes, had Red Bull instead of coffee or tea, barely got rest (dag on debates) and my hair was flat... Now, for some people, the primary question on their mind is, "what is the big deal? It's only one day"; however, what people don't understand is what "one" day in the life of a middle school teacher entails. So, in addition to wearing Mike's ear out, talking about it, I will also write about it. Now, because I deal with people regularly, I am a true believer in the "sandwich" (positive, negative, positive) so here we go, today I had: A quiet first period. The students did what they were told, asked to read and write longer, and ended up reading/writing a total of 46 min. I was able to individually conference with six different students. It was wonderful. However, my second period was a bit different. I had to continually tell the class to be quiet. I had to call out several students because I just love it when the conversation flows something like this: me: " Be quiet class." class: Blah blah blah blah Stand and stare blahahah hahaahha "Class, I need you to be quiet." hahahahah blah blah "5...4...3....2...1" some random student: "so, I told him to suck my..." "Excuse me..." "Oh, my bad miss (because he/she does not know my name, even though it is January) I didn't hear you say be quiet." On top of that, when we did share aloud our creative writing, I heard some of the most ... One student shared about the fact that her writing was "filled with her passions...the fact that she will not give up and she is not a bunch of talk...". It was so beautiful, I felt so much pride. Until I called on the next three students, one of which talked about the " Chinese lady that tried to sell her DVDs, so she cursed her out." Another student's writing was about the fact that "The Giants SUCK....and so do the Bengals" and then another girl's share out was, "she think she cute, talkin' sh#* about me, bout to be 16 in the ninth grade, she doesn't want this...". The young lady didn't look at her paper once as she "read" us her free write. And then when I went back over free-write share out student said, "but it is a free write, and it was important to me, I didn't want any DVDs." After she said this, I assumed we would ignore her until two students chimed in, "she has a point." SHE HAS A POINT!!! WHAT WAS HER POINT!!! We have got to do better! However, through it all, I guess I can consider my day pretty good. Because while there were definitely some mishaps throughout my day, they were nothing compared to some other incidents in the middle school. A few examples include: One teacher was asked whether "she gives neck..." did the student really believe she wouldn't understand what that means? One student got a calculator thrown at her, it hit her in the mouth, which was snagged on her braces, and blood began gushing out of her mouth... So yeah, in the long run, my hair is not that big of a deal, but when anything can go out of gear at any time...when you work in a NY city public need to have your A-game on, and I was off, so it sucked a bit.


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