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The Cave.

I had a moment of deep and intense fatigue. Then I got something stuck in my throat. It hurt so badly. Neiko told me, "mommy, check to your neck and the virus and then go rest. You need to rest." I wanted to show him that I hear him, rest is critical, and that I can take a break and rest. And so I'm here. On my couch watching National Geographic's "The Cave" with brownies, iced milk tea (Earl Grey), and my laptop. My boys are safe and running around happily. My husband is on a business call. On the news, COVID-19 is all that's running. It's easy to believe that this is the most prominent emergency in the world. That this is the crisis of a lifetime. It's easy to live in the narrative that we are all hopeless and helpless." The Cave" is a reminder of life outside of America. So much is happening across the globe. The documentary highlights heroism in the face of racism, sexism, poverty, and adversity. The complexity and contrast are incredible - "The Cave" is full of brokenness and war, but also so full of beauty and hope. Dr. Amani Ballour is a pediatrician in Ghouta, Syria. She works in a hospital underground during the Syrian Civil War. It's so powerful and well-made.

Hope you are taking care of yourself.

<3 Shelby


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