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Choosing My Path

"Shelby, pick your path and walk there within" - my daddy.

My father repeated this mantra to me throughout life. When I was younger, it was easy for me to get lost in the philosophies, the "expert" opinions, the trends, the "cool" kids, and the manicured existences. I always knew he was telling me to be conscious of the road I take and make sure that I am not distracted by the culture, the moment, the voices.

It's a beautiful thing to heed the advice of the wise and integrate aligned practices into our lifestyles. But my dad consistently taught me to stay true to who my Creator has called me to be - which meant being focused and protective of my inner compass. Taking the route that I know best serves my family and resisting groupthink and culture that celebrates assimilation.

For me, finding times of silence, times of solitude, and times of complete stillness are the times when I most hear what path I'm supposed to take. It's these moments where I feel so much at peace, my heart flutters and I at times feel overwhelmed in peace, joy and contentment.


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