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A Message about Social Media.

When I was younger, there was no text messaging, no social media, and minimal internet. We had phone calls. I used to avoid calls from folks that "ain't want nothin." We all remember the people that would call to see "what you doing?" It annoyed me so badly. I am a very social introvert, and so when I'm with others, I have the intense need to talk and be social. And so I genuinely revitalize in solitude. I have always enjoyed solo activities. And so when someone would call - wanting nothing. Breaking my concentration and rejuvenation without anything to share or a purpose, I despised it and didn't understand it. I never called folks to "just" talk. I called for a purpose - either I wanted to check-in on a specific situation (i.e., wanted to see how your presentation went) or to share my thoughts (i.e., girl, let me tell you). I rather someone call me and "dump" than to beat around the bush. I feel the same way about my relationship with social media. I don't understand folks that are on it with nothing to add, to say, to contribute. Now, I'm not saying someone has to post. You don't. But I've watched people go on social media and simply scroll. There is no interaction. There are no "likes" - no comments, no sharing. They're just on there to see what folks are doing. There is no shade here. I just don't get it, and I don't want that for my loved ones. For me, if I'm on social media - I have a purpose. Either I want to share, or I want to engage. I want to share something interesting with my people, or I want to see what's going on with everyone or someone. But when I'm looking, I'm engaging. I am "liking." I am "commenting." I am joining the conversation. We all have to figure out our relationship with social media. But I tell you if my boys (grandchildren, daughters-in-law, nieces/nephews) ever decide to have a social media account, I pray that it's a mindful relationship with it. I want it to be purposeful, and if and when it's not, they get off of it. Much like Mike and my mom, they realized it was no longer serving a purpose in their lives, so they both...errr.... asked me to delete their accounts lol. I see so much creativity and imagination in my boys, Champ and Bear that I pray they don't drown their boredom in scrolling. That they spend their downtime creating, playing, and imagining. And (if they have the desire) when they are emotionally ready and mature enough, I want them to share their new dance, art project, boxing, skateboard tricks, pictures, videos, or whatever with the world while also celebrating others' contributions. The quantity of time spent on social media isn't my concern, whether you are on it multiple times a day or rarely. Some of my most fun times in life, I was highly engaged in social media - tons to share, lots of engagement, and so many conversations with friends. My only concern is that you are mindless consumers of other people's highlight reel (whether social media, reality tv, or whatever else they come up with). Enjoy your life. Delve into your creative energy. Savor your quiet moments. And be mindful of your social media use and platform.


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