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Snow Day

Personal Journal, nothing changed.


I understand why there are so many people tired of the snow>>> But this girl, here, has had the best winter in a very long time. Days in with my sweet boy, coffee/tea, sweet treats, home projects, documentaries, movies with the boys, braving the cold and enjoying a nice white walk, seeing Frozen, enjoying periodicals, extra work days (kinda) and tons of podcasts… life in the Steel home during winter ’14 has been such a  sweet blessing. Even as I type this – I am snowed into my apartment – just me and baby boy. Mike decided to brave it – he had a huge presentation. As I type there are a bjillion mistakes – because my lil Neik-Neik is typing with mommy! Motherhood has forced me to take a step back and really look at how complicated my simple life has become. I will say that I have become good at cutting out the unneeded and loving the simple things. I’m still getting better – but my life is definitely looking more minimalistic and simple (when dealing with my days schedule, my own earthly  possessions, and my food mantra). To be honest, the more that I cut things out – the more that I feel like me, again. I wrote my mother ecstatically the  other day! “Mom, I am starting to feel like me, again!” Her message to me, “ It’s clear you are becoming The old Shelby with energy and creativity, but the new Shelby in focus and effectiveness. You put the WIN in your day “what’s important now.” Man, I hope I don’t mess  this work computer…okay…well more time for nuzzles… Many blessings.


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