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January 29, 2009

Only change is a new picture.

So, I am an extremely intense person, but yet my intensity level only goes so high until my body "let's it out". For example, at a young age I used to break out in hives. The teachers would see it and say, "Shelby, go to the nurse". At the nurse's office, I would have to walk around the building and then take a dosage of Benadryl. Needless, to say, I also break out in rashes, scratch the center of my head (to the point I have some hair loss) and hyperventilate. I am a work in progress. So anyways, one day in college I got so overwhelmed, Mike came down to "kidnap" me. As we drove down the country road, he noticed me itching, so he told me to repeat after him. He kept saying all these awful things and I would repeat them, at first it was just hilarious, but then he said, "now, you take over and yell it out the window." So I did just that! I began yelling out the window the meanest, most ridiculous things about people, events, and situations. I yelled out the window, what I would do if "he/she" whatever... It felt so good! I just released it. Well needless to say, the other day, I was having another one of those days and so I climbed in the car with Mike, who was set to go to the gym: "Baby, I need to yell" "Okay." "Like I did in college" Without saying a word, Mike rolled down the window and looked me dead in the eyes. I nodded my head. ACTION - however I immediately realized that we were in the middle of Brooklyn. RED LIGHT. I looked back at Mike and he was still staring at me as he slowed down the car. I looked out the window and got ready to shout (I'm not a punk and I was ticked off) until I looked at the car beside us. A huge man with his window half cracked was sitting in his greyish blue van in what seemed to be dead silence. The mere thought of screaming something ridiculous in his direction made my skin tighten...before I could turn towards Mike. "Rather go out to eat?" Mike said without looking at me. "Yeah," I said as I rolled up the window and put on my seatbelt. NOTE TO SELF: Find nondestructive ways to release!


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