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I love living in Brooklyn and look forward to living somewhere else in the future; however regardless of where I move, I will always be a Cincinnati girl. While I am home, taking in the beauty of my native city - I decided to give a little shout-out to the Nasty Nati.  Now some may say that I only love Cincinnati because of my family and friends.That assumption is kinda correct, my favorite part of Cincinnati is  definitely the time spent with my family (every last one of them from the Stones to the Yanceys to the Steels) and my Ohio friends. But I also genuinely think there are a few things that make Cincinnati a cool place to call 'home' and here they are (in no particular order):  1. When I say that I'm from Cincinnati, even New Yorkers say, "dang, you guys are crazy down there" (yeah, we are!) 2.I don't care what anyone says, Cincinnati natives have mad swag - no one else can wear a purple suit, purple shoes and a purple tie like we can... 3. We have a crazy balance between "country" and midwestern...we rock golds but don't follow every sentence with ma'am... 4. There is a tight alliance of Cincinnatians every where you go in the country. 5. In Cincinnati thick girls are "in" and will always be "in"  - unlike the skinny craze in NYC.  6. The Westside and Eastside don't have any problems with one another... 7. BBQs still go down in your backyards  (no offense Habana) 8. The movie theaters have nice comfy seats - no torn to pieces chairs that sit on the ground!  9. Pools are the places to be in the summer instead of the beach (after almost drowning in Florida, I am good with some tame water) 10.  Kings Island - the real amusement park 11. Graeter's ice cream is still the best! 12. Soft serve ice cream at UDF 13. I can't get enough of Skyline/Goldstar 14.  My family's house - it truly feels like home!  15. I eat the best when I am home : )  16. Bikers don't bombard traffic...


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