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Real Clothes

In the NYT they were saying that there are two kinds of people during the Rona. One wears real clothes and the others that favor workout clothes and blankets.

I am the kind that dresses up. It's been four years since I've worked from home. I had my workout period when I started working from home. I also have those days every once in a while. Everyone deserves a sweats week, month, season, year. But y'all, I quickly found that Shelby in sweats moves like Shelby in sweats, especially now that my flow is less confined to a 9-6 pm. Moving from homeschool to freelance projects (mostly design and art-based) to doing my writing projects - means that I need a constant reminder that I cannot be Shelby in sweats. There is also something that is fighting savagely not to lose "me" in this season. Furthermore, one of my favorite parts of my day has always been getting ready in the morning. Even in middle school and high school, when I wore a uniform, I used to love finding fresh ways to play with the sweats and the skirt. Moreover, there is always this time during my Shelby in sweats day when I walk by a mirror, and I'm like, "who is this?" Funny enough, I don't love shopping, and my outfits are very casual. But when I put on my makeup, brown lipstick, tight jeans, loose-fitting shirt, and a bun (somewhere on my head), I recognize myself. Whether on a Brooklyn stoop, a DC brunch spot, a Jersey city bodega, Cincinnati cafe, a Philly joint, a Georgia quarantine - I like knowing myself.


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