Date: 2/19/2008

"Now I certainly don't claim to be a photographer, but heck that doesn't stop me from taking them, publishing them and creating cool titles." ~ Shelby Stone-Steel

Title: "Get It Boy"

Description: Mike cooked our Valentine's Day Lasagna- it was the best lasagna I ever had!

Photographer: Shelby Steel

Title: " The Haircut"

Photographer: Mike Steel

Design: Shelby Steel

Title: "My little Treat"

Description: After my morning walk, I decided to treat myself to a little French toast, coffee, a book and a nap!!! What a life.

Photographer: Shelby Steel

Title: "Swirl"

Photographer: Unknown

Design: Shelby Steel

Title: "Cookin"

Photographer: Mike Steel

Design: Shelby Steel

Title: "Our Time"

Description: Mike and I love going on the fire escape with our tea and just talking the night away...

Photographer: Shelby Steel

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