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My favorite accessory...


My grandma bought me my pair for Christmas after she noticed my obsession with her glasses; however, I cannot wear them too often because I can't see in them. But every day when I walk through the front door, I see them on the table and smile. 

"I believe style is deeper than wearing things that enhance your beauty."

Here is the story behind the glasses:

Before a Christmas party at my uncle and aunt's house, I reverted to my normal activities and watched my grandmother put on her finishing touches. After she finished putting on her make-up, she took off her wide-rimmed glasses and like I have for the past 20 years, I picked them up and put them on, except this time instead of throwing them down, I kept them on.

I went downstairs to greet the early guests and family members. Most of them told me to take the glasses off, or sometimes they just burst out in a load of laughter(Mike just sat there smiling - he likes when I am creative), but my grandmother just smiled and said "oh look great..." with a chuckle.

As the guests loaded in the house, one by one they met me with a slight look of confusion, other than one 83-year-old, who told me I look incredibly chic (it was the glasses); however because I don't need glasses, they began hurting my eyes, so I took them off.

This is when one guest let out a gasp, "whew...thank God, do you need those?"

"No," I responded

"Well, why in the world are you wearing them?"

"I believe style is deeper than wearing things that enhance your beauty," I said, hoping that I knocked his socks off, "it's about the impression you want to leave with someone...what you want people to know about you before you open up your mouth."

"Hell," he said while laughing (and while several other guests listened) "all I thought was that there was something wrong with you... I thought that poor girl."



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