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LOVE in film

Date: 1/22/2009

These are movies that have been such a representation of true love. After the movie, you sit there with your popcorn box, HUGE drink, twenty wet tissues, your loved one sitting next to you, and think, "I want that." You don't necessarily want the outcome, in any of these, but the undying love. One thing I have realized is that any good love story makes you understand not only what you want but what you have.

Beauty and the Beast - I was like seven when I went to see this with my reserved beautiful mother. All the kids at my school were going. I wanted to go to show off my mom, a woman that represented an unshakable strength, at the time she was working and climbing the corporate latter, president of the PTA, raising two children (with my father), took aerobics or ran every day, pregnant and held herself together in a way that entirely admirable. However, throughout the movie, I watched as she completely crumbled while the love story unraveled. She let loose of it all, red nose, swollen eyes, wails and all. So I decided to let loose also. Thanks, mom, for helping me realize the power of a good old love story.

The Notebook - If you have read my blogs, you know that this movie came out the summer after the passing of my grandfather. It wasn't until watching this movie that I cried about it for real. To be honest, I cried for three days straight. I ultimately went into a dark room inside of myself and cried. I cried over, missing the great man, but also cried because it was the end of one of the greatest love stories of my life - he and my grandmother. Even his last movement was to pucker to kiss her. This movie embodies loyalty, excitement, hardships, bliss, sacrifices, faithfulness, and the miracles of love. It shows that love is forever. Thanks, Paw Paw, for being a real-life example of undying love beyond death. 

Seven Pounds - "What if?" This movie was so real to me, the pure emotion of knowing that one day will be our last. Isn't it so important to have someone to talk to, let go with, hope with, dance with, make mistakes in front of, be quirky with, laugh with, walk with, smile about, share our passions with, dream with, include in one's "forever" thoughts, fall asleep talking on the phone with and hold our hands during hard news? To have that for two days, a year, fifty years, a lifetime is beautiful and truly a blessing. Thanks, Mr. Steel, for being that person in my life - hope we have an eternity.

La vita è Bella - It wasn't until college that I realized how much I was protected from awful realities - financial, worldly, emotionally. For all of my life, I sat back and let "daddy" take care of it. He told me that I was a princess and treated me, my mom and sister, as such, that's why this movie resonated with me. Not only does this movie capture the love of a man for a woman - "pink horse," but it also shows the love of a man for his family. In this movie, Guido tries his hardest to make a death camp "fun" for his son. Due to his unwavering and sacrificial love, he physically and emotionally protects his family from the awful realities of their current circumstances. Thanks, Dad, for making my life a cakewalk and smiling while you busted your butt, making it happen. 

The Passion of Christ - Can there be a blog, conversation, thought about love and sacrifice, without mentioning the ultimate love story and the act of sacrifice? The thought that someone as imperfect as me would be worth dying for. The idea of that hand continually reaching out to pick me up when I am dirty, beaten, disgusting, and hopeless is overwhelming. When everyone is angry with me or even when I am angry with myself, the creator of the universe loves, is there to talk to, and forgive me. Thank you, Jesus, for your overwhelming, consistent, and unconditional love.


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