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"It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie"

"Yellow polka-dot bikini. That she wore for the first time today. An itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini. So in the blanket, she wanted to stay."

-Bryan Hyland

"I'm wearing a red bathing suit this summer, and the Rona CAN'T STOP me."

Okay, so let me rewind:

God willing, I see this summer. I will be wearing a red and a nude-colored bathing suit this summer. 

Can you all believe my mom had to talk me into wearing this yellow polka dot bikini? She's like, "Shelby, one day, you will look back and see how good you look! This is the time to wear the yellow polka dot bikini." 

 Every time I wore it, I felt so subconscious. And it's not about size per se. I see women in all different shapes, ages, and sizes wearing bikinis, and I think they look beautiful. I love the look of a confident woman in a decorative bright bathing suit. Every year I say to myself, "that's going to be my look next summer as soon as I..." So even in this suit, I told myself that I needed another summer to wear it (it was two summers old at this point). But when I ran across these pictures, I'm like, "Thank God for my mom. But baby Shelby, what were you tripping about? Why did you waste those moments feeling anything but grateful to be at the beach, to be healthy, to be with your love, and to be alive!"

So, ten years later, two pregnancies, two c-sections, 20 pounds heavier, and a Spring lockdown - I've determined that I am not going to waste another summer. This summer will be unique. This summer will be different for all of the world, might as well be lifechanging for me too. "Next summer I will wear a red swimming suit!" 

I have had visions of wearing a nude-colored suit FOREVER and a red swimming suit for the last two summers. Instead of wearing my dream bathing suits, I tend to put on cover-ups, black bathing suits, and tons of excuses. 

I'm done. This summer, regardless of being in the house all spring. Regardless of weight, my feelings, or any insecurities  - I am wearing the red suit. 

If we are blessed enough to see this summer - we all deserve to liberate ourselves in many forms. I pray that you wear your yellow polka-dot bikini this summer!

Shelby S.


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