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In 20 years, I want to...

Private journal entry, nothing has been changed.


Who do I want to be?



I want to truly be:



At peace


Hard working

Better yet, why does this even matter? Will I care in twenty years? Absolutely not.

Things I want in 20 years:

  • A happy marriage to Mike

  • Three/four Christian beautifully healthy children (no deaths, health issues, SPIRITUAL issues)

  • My children will be successful – Neiko in college, my other ones doing well in high school or college

  • They will all pick awesome spouses and have families that will continue in Christian principles and love

  • My children will be joyful and happy – no bondage – look at their childhoods and feel blessed – they have witnessed a happily married couple that loved the Lord as number one.

  • They live a healthy and natural life style – they do not place all their hopes and wants on superficial material things.

  • They understand hard work – they do well in school (may not be the best grades) but they try their hardest.

  • I am home for dinner and night routines every day

  • I cook dinners – we eat as a family. They are not alone at the house – I am there.

  • There hasn’t been anyone able to violate them

In 20 years, I am healthy, fit, and I take care of myself. Mike is healthy as well.

I work and I am good at what I do – but I don’t mind if I am the top of my field. I want to garden and work more with my hands. I want to work, but it doesn’t have to be a 9-5. I want to work with my brain, but I also want to work more with my hands. I want to get closer to God’s vision of what we are supposed to be like. I want to get closer to my roots – doing rehab, working in places of poverty, being totally in touch with Christ, nature, and my fellow mankind.

I have great relationships with my parents and siblings – Mike is the same way

I feel the most like myself when I am:

-listening to NPR

-looking at BBC

-thinking about college life – academia

-working one-on-one with students

-reading student work in a non-rushed environment

-a café (the herb café was perfect)

-at a bookstore

-watching a documentary or an indie film

-drinking a cuppa coffee or decaf tea listening to something Norah Jonesy


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