Going off the grid


A non-published journal entry- nothing has been changed.

Interesting that I type this... Because I am playing with the idea of going off the grid – going offline – taking a walk from electronics. The thing is that I am starting to feel weighed down. Yesterday was awesome a nice Whole Foods visit and just time spent with my boys. It’s all starting to get to me a bit. The life of someone that doesn’t live minimally or simply is starting to get to me. I continue to think about my time in Princeton – picking apples, being with my boys, and just being… it was such a great time. Now of course, it won’t be like that now that I am working, but I am starting to feel pretty pulled. Maybe it feels like this being a new mom that isn’t sleeping. Well, isn’t sleeping now. I truly believe, Neiko wants to tools to put himself to sleep – so I have a feeling that once we make sure that we are feeding him properly and putting him down – he will start to go to sleep and therefore we will all get sleep.

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